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Rissa: Sky Kissed
11 March
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Rissa: Lady of the pink.

Obsessions: Cillian Murphy, Tim Burton, Adam Lambert, Alan Cumming, House (the show and the character), Glee, Torchwood, books, comic books, urban fantasy novels, vampires, witches and werewolves (oh my!), boys in make-up, androgynous boys, movies, rock & roll and alt-rock, faeries, kitty things, hockey (Red Wings, yay!), Audrey Kitching, the strange and unusual, Venom, Jamie Madrox, the Robins (Tim, Jason, Dick), the Simpsons, Oscar Wilde, science, cute wee animals, lip gloss, glitter, cherry coke and blueberry scones.

Fandoms: L.J. Smith, House, Torchwood, Harry Potter, DC Universe, X-men, X-Factor (and all other X-titles), Neil Gaiman, Star Trek (all series, especially DS9), Glee.

i'm in hufflepuff!